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 Basic Knowlege of the Site

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PostSubject: Basic Knowlege of the Site   Basic Knowlege of the Site I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 1:32 pm

As it has been mentioned, this site is age and people friendly, which means everybody is accepted no matter their age or how they are. Of course there are the few exceptions of people being rude to others, breaking one of the rules, or enjoying causing misery to others. This site is a chance to be yourself and not just put up a facade (unless you are rp-ing in character, which is acceptable).

This forum is a free forum, where whoever is in a single rp together can decide whether attacks hit or miss, damage taken or dealt, ect. If this becomes a problem at any point though I will change it to stat rp.

Stat rp is basically having numbers attached to your character dealing with strength, wisdom, intellect, ect. This can be very messy and confusing, so I would prefer to stay out of stat rp.

Again though...if the free form rp gets difficult at any point and there is a bunch of complaints about this person not playing fair or blah blah blah...the stat form rp will be used instead.

Now on to the story. Of course this is in the future, what great story isn't? But with the introduction of magic to the world by the demons and angels, normal human technology has become useless (ex guns, lazers, rockets) due to the fact the magic by an angel or demon can drain away the energy from these weapons. Energy is required to use magic (that's why in movies and shows if a person uses way to much of their "magic" they get tired. Who knew?) Normal weapons (like guns) produce a lot of heat, heat can be converted into energy. If the magic caster can find a different source of energy, they will convert the heat of the weapon into energy for their magic so they can last longer in a fight. Which will make the weapon rather useless.

Or we can go with the story that the magic can burst bullets and rockets before even reaching the target.

Peachy? Alright. Moving on to the next part of the story.

Now, with normal weapons useless, and many, many cities destroyed over the course of the war (which has now lasted 3 years Yeah, short and destructive.), the weapons of choice have been primarily melee weapons. There are bombs still though, but they have to be made by hand (don't blow yourselves up, ok?).

As explained in the races category if you haven't read that yet (which I would recommend doing so) magic has been granted to the humans. Though the humans don't have any idea where it came from. The humans fighting with the angels believe it was a gift from god to help rid the world of evil once and for all, an that they are the "chosen people".

On the opposite side is the humans who fight with the demons. These humans felt betrayed by god for whatever reason, or they felt they had no connections to god in the first place, and that the magical powers were granted by Satan himself.

Now in the middle are the neutral humans who tend to think more in logic. They aren't sure it was a gift from anybody. Instead many of the neutral humans believe that the magic they now possess was already inside of them. Just with no other active magical entities around (demons and angels) the magic was locked away passively inside of many humans, passed down through the generations into certain humans (like how two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed child if one or both have passive gene for blue eyes). Upon the arrival of the angels and demons, the magic within the humans who carried it started to activate, giving the host the power of magic.

Sort of end!
To simply place the rest of this, the world is in a state of war and panic. Trust isn't easily given or received normally due to how hectic and deadly everything has been.

There are those who are striving for peace though. And they are seeking out a way to build a compromise between the forces of good and evil on Earth. Will it work? Who knows! But trying is better than sitting around.

Now, there are also those who want nothing but war and will do their best to continue it. No they are not necessarily demons, humans and angels are included. Same to those who want to end the war.

Others...others could really care less what happened. These people continue to live their lives as if it was normal.

So there is actually a choice here for all of you!

You can choose to : Have fights, capture others, go on a fun little adventure, whatever your heart desires!

Isn't it beautiful?:

The End!
Now, there may be updates to this when the chance arrises (or when I come up with another brilliant idea). Just check up on this once in a blue moon or I'll catch you around the site somewhere and let you know myself (Or send my minion after you.).

With that I end my rant. Now...I really need a rest. Being enjoyable to read yet serious is tiring work.:
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Basic Knowlege of the Site
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