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 Rules (Read before making Character)

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Rules (Read before making Character) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (Read before making Character)   Rules (Read before making Character) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2014 5:50 pm

These are very important. If you even wish to stay on this site, you better read these and follow them. No exceptions.

1) Each user is only allowed ONE account. Those found with more than one will be banned.

2) Respect others. This is a friendly site so no cursing at others Just because you don't like them or you don't agree. Some people have bad enough lives in real life without you making their online life hell.

3) No sexual content. Again, friendly site. This should be self explanatory.

4) In roleplay, no controlling another person's character without permission of your roleplay partner and no godmodding. Godmodding is pretending your character is invincible. Sorry to break it to you honey, but No character is invincible.

5) You can create your first character free, but any more characters require SoulShards to be created.  If you try to make a character without enough SoulShards your new character will be removed and you may not get a refund of your SoulShards.

6) Harassing is also illegal on this site. Don't aggravate a player constantly if you can tell that it is bothering them. There's no way you can't tell. If you've read this far, enter "One for all the cheese" into your biography for your character.

7) This site is meant to be fun, so have fun! Don't be tight and stingy. People don't often want to roleplay or talk to those who refuse to have fun.
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Rules (Read before making Character)
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