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 Rainith Daeth

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PostSubject: Rainith Daeth   Rainith Daeth I_icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2015 8:32 am

Character Sheet

Name: Rainith Daeth

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Demon

Class: Assassin

Rank: 5

Weapon(s): Death scythe and long dagger  

Rainith Daeth:
Click on name to view image.

Personality: Rainith is short tempered, and will lash, but she'll never lash out at her friends. She is extremely loyal and protective, though not very trusting. Rainith is also headstrong/stubborn, and loves to get her way. Rainith will never back down from a fight, and will protect those who have managed to earn her trust. Being somewhat sassy is another one of Rainith's traits.

Biography: Rainith's parents abandoned her at a young age, so she never knew them. To survive she learned magic quickly. Rainith also learned how to kill, and now enjoys it. Rainith obtained her weapons, a death scythe and long dagger, when she killed their original owner. Rainith's magic is special, it combines Darkness and Life magic. She is able to grow plants, but only those of poison. she is also able to cast shadows and darkness around her, but can only maintain them for 5-10 minutes. Her Darkness magic also allows Rainith to make shadows animals, these being able to exist for 20-30 minutes. Rainith Daeth has a strong connection to wolves, mostly because she is part wolf herself, and is able to speak wolf. When Rainith was only 10 (four years ago) her best friend, a demon named Jax, was killed. Rainith snapped, and became a full on Assassin, killing his killer. Because of this incident though, Rainith doesn't trust easily fearing that she will cause only more pain to herself. "One for all the cheese"

Death will come soon for us all. And I will help it do so, for I am Death's Assassin.
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Rainith Daeth
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