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 Taukora Grey

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PostSubject: Taukora Grey   Taukora Grey I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 8:36 pm

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Character Sheet

Name: Taukora Grey

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Angel and Demon

Class: Rogue Mage (Neutral)

Rank: 5

Weapon(s): A long sword and a few daggers.

Appearance: Taukora is a angel and a demon, but looks more like an angel. She is a tall angel with long black hair with blue tips. She has very fair skin, if not lighter, and stunning blue eyes. She also has black wings and wears black clothes, which hide her black cat tail.

Personality: Taukora is a angel that likes to be alone, and doesn't want to share her information, as she thinks other will use that knowledge to harm her. She would rather be away from any civilization, just living in nature and on her own. She also is loyal to anyone she does trust, but that's rare, and almost unlikely.

Biography: Taukora grew up in the City of Angels her mother being an angel, but her father being a unknown demon loner. She learned magic at a young age and soon became a Mage, a strong magic fighter. Her main center of magic being water, ice and wind. Taukora soon learned about her father, the demon rogue, and wanted to search for him, and also wader the lands for anything new. So she left and became a neutral.
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Taukora Grey
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