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 Lilith Bloodbane

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PostSubject: Lilith Bloodbane   Lilith Bloodbane I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 1:19 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Lilith Bloodbane

Age:  21

Gender: Female

Race:  Demon (Succubus)

Class: Assassin

Rank: 21

Click Me:

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Sarcastic and Talkative - Lilith enjoys to talk, quite a bit. Even if it's just to bullcrap, she'll be the life of any conversation. If the opportunity arises though, she will snatch up any opportunity to be sarcastic faster than light. It's due to her sarcastic nature mostly that she doesn't have many friends. But she doesn't really care about that. Also, because of her talkative and species nature,  she can be very persuasive with others. Almost always getting what she wants.

Cruel and Conniving - She enjoys making others feel pain, often resorting to torturing others just for pure fun or to get information if she can't talk it out of them. She knows her way around, able to read people easily and using this to her advantage. Once she gets how a person is, and she believes them to be useful, She will work that person's emotions or thoughts through words or actions in order to get them to do her bidding. Normally this results in them getting captured and her getting away scott free, or She decides to torture them to near death and abandon them.

Child loving - Despite all of this negativity about her, She secretly has a love of children and will actually do her best to protect them and keep them safe. When confronted about it though the result is the person being tortured by her and thrown out for asking such a ridiculous question.

Lilith is considered to be the leader of the demons, on earth that is. The only reason she was given this title in the first place though was not because the demons chose her, it is because she is the daughter of Satan. To humans she would be called the 'anti-christ' since she is the leader of all demons on earth, at least those humans who still have Faith in religion.

Since she is the daughter of Satan, She was given high treatment by all Demons ever since she was young. She was always independent though, and often ran away from the palace in hell. Each time she returned she was punished, but she always seemed to never get the idea. It was likely because she was to hard headed for her own good. When she was old enough She began to train to be an assassin in secret, it taking four years for her to be caught by her father. By that time he figured it was to late, so he allowed her to be trained by one of the best assassins in hell. She excelled in her training, impressing even her own tutor.

It was around this time, the age of 16, that She had gained a lover. After a few months of their dating, she suddenly disappeared. Her father began a search for her, unable to find her anywhere in hell. A year passed before she suddenly appeared back in the castle. Nobody seen her arrive, and there was no trace of her lover either. A rumor started that she had ran off with him originally and then killed him. Some rumors having added that he abandoned her someplace for multiple reasons. The rumor that has stuck around though is that she left because she was pregnant, and when things didn't turn out right she returned. With our without the child is what that rumor can't agree on.

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Lilith Bloodbane
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