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 Hell's Shop

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PostSubject: Hell's Shop   Hell's Shop I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 8:57 pm

Hell's Shop 28kht1v

Serpent's Tongue - Tongue of the serpent said to have persuaded Eve. Has been known to increase one's persuasiveness for a short amount of time. ~ 800 SoulShards

Devil's Horn - Heal's wounds slowly over time ~ 300 SoulShards

Devil's Trident - Trident owned by Satan himself. Said to help increase damage against Good enemies ~ 600 SoulShards

Blood of Satan - Heals wounds and regains health instantly, side affect is sickness to the stomach for a short period of time (Limit 3 at a time) ~ 400 SoulShards

Demonic Necklace - Repels enemies Rank 3 and under (Limit one) ~ 50 SoulShards

Make an Admin Request in the Questions/Comments forum under "Requests" for any of these items.
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Hell's Shop
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